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Getting Relationships Right

It can be difficult to write about #; this article manages to communicate the subject well

Learn how honesty is the best policy in online dating. Learn tips on writng a good profile for men.

Learn how to control your body and mind to seduce the opposite sex using a NLP seduction.

The Bible has something to say about every conceivable kind of human relationship

As popular as cupcakes are, it was perhaps inevitable that they’d crossover into wedding receptions. At first, couples served them as an additional dessert to complement their more traditional wedding cake, and that’s still a very popular trend. But eventually, of course, the mighty cupcake juggernaut rolled onward and you can now serve your guests a cupcake wedding cake.

Provides a brief overview on how to use a combination of humor and arrogance to attract women. Many women like confident guys who know how to use humor in a social situation. This article tells you how to use this attitude to succeed with women.

I can see that the author really understands their subject but I don’t find the article convincing


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