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We should also avoid eating animal flesh. Comprehensive analysis of this topic could easily be a subject of a separate book, so below I give only a summary of the reasons taken from a single point of view: the poisoning of our body.

Animals consume large amounts of food, before they become killed for meat. For example, a cow eats about 30 kg of food each day. By the time it is 3 years old it has consumed at least 30 tonnes of food. A cow’s body makes every attempt to excrete toxins. As with us humans, not all toxins become excreted. Those which are deposited around the body are of the worst kind: everything easy to metabolise would have already been excreted. As a result, a 100 kg of meat contains the worst combination of toxins, concentrated from about 30 tonnes of food. Summarising, meat contains hundreds of times higher concentration of toxins, than contained in the initial food the animal has eaten.

Drugs like anabolic steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals are added to animal food to “enhance” the production of meat. Most of such drugs and chemicals are illegal for human use. I would bet, that you would not want to try such food. And yet, resulting animal meat contains hundreds of times greater concentration of worst toxins than the initial animal food.

Animals get sick. You do not know what sicknesses an animal had developed before it was killed for meat. The combination of bacteria and parasite activity in a sick animal produces toxic cocktails you do not want to hear about. The meat from such animal contains a full cocktail, because the animal stopped living before it had a chance to metabolise and excrete any part of it.

Animals have parasites, living in various stages in various parts of their bodies. All parasites have a very complex life cycle comprising many stages. This simply speaking ensures their survival. Meat of course contains parasites in various stages, some of which are very difficult to detect and eliminate, even in the cooking process. You do not want to hear just what animal parasites are capable of doing to your body.


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Even if you do not plan to change anything else in your diet, for social, business or other reasons, improve the quality of the water you drink. Drink at least 2 or 3 litres of it every day.

The latest research indicates, that it is not only the purity of water that is important, but also its molecular structure. To be particular, a 20 molecule liquid crystal water structure, first predicted by a Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling in his famous book The Hydrogen Bond seems to be very important. Such structures are formed by a phenomenon known as “hydrophobic hydration” and cause changes in the surface tension, heat capacity and other properties of the water. Water liquid crystals occur naturally in some spring water high in the mountains, and are also formed in the water inside living cells. Water impurities practically eliminate any trace of water liquid crystals.

Note, that nearly every civilisation in the past had tales, related to “living water”, which was to be found only in inaccessible locations high in the mountains. In view of the current scientific research (Flanagans) it is quite possible, that such tales were based on real experiences.

Seek fresh air as much as possible. Even if you live in the city, and you are forced to breathe polluted air, make an effort to go to the country, forest or at least to a park as often as possible. Trees and other plants purify the air for us there. Use an ozone generating lamp to purify the air in your home, if the air outside is worse than inside. You can leave the lamp on when you are away.

With regard to other ingredients of the diet, again there is remarkable agreement found in wisdom of many civilisations. They all agree, that we should eat PURE FRESH FOOD. Note for example, that “kosher” means “pure” in Hebrew. (Be careful here: the modern definition of “kosher” food should be carefully examined, because it most likely has lost its exact meaning over the centuries, similarly to fasting in other cultures)

Again, the emphasis should be on purity. The best foods from such a point of view are fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if grown in quite polluted environment, fruits accumulate very little pollutants- They are created from simple inorganic compounds with the aid of photosynthesis. Their content is mostly water.


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The active practice of listening to your higher mind and developing a better connection with it is what many wise people call “meditation”.

There are many meditation techniques passed on to us by our wise ancestors. There is again no room here to analyse them even briefly. Perhaps the best I can do is to summarise some of my personal experiences.

In my opinion, the single most important thing common to the best meditation techniques is the teacher, or master, who is capable of showing you the access path to your own higher mind. No words can describe this connection. You actually have to be shown the beginning of your own path, together with some instructions, so you can progress along it yourself every day.

I had two meditation teachers: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a leader of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement, whom I never met and Master Ching Hai.

TM people will charge you about a thousand dollars for the basic technique, and several thousand dollars if you want to learn more advanced techniques. In my opinion, the gaining of knowledge, for those who are ready to learn, should be essentially free of any charges, so I could not justify the latter. However, I must say, that I have had considerable degree of success, using the basic TM technique.

Master Ching Hai, on the other hand, teaches you the Quan Yin method, known for thousands of years to be the best meditation technique, totally free of charge. Her organisation does not even accept donations. The only way to help their activity financially is to buy books, works of art, fashion clothes and other things they produce. Master Ching Hai’s requirement to teach you the Quan Yin method is your commitment to become a vegetarian for life and to meditate 2.5 hours each day. (Master Ching Hai books are listed in the References).

After meditating for some time I noticed, that my life has become much easier. Most problems, including stress, have been practically eliminated. I have found that nothing is truly difficult to understand, you just need to learn to listen to your higher mind.

I have also found that development of our wisdom is actually the purpose of our existence. Life is just a lesson. If we do not learn, it becomes harder, until we do.


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The arteries and veins refer changes affecting the whole system to the third lesser zone = Blood zone. In the observation of this zone special attention is given to light or dark colouring. A strong lightening of this zone over the entire iris indicates that the blood is heavily laden with uric acid; whereas a darkening, or several large usually somewhat obliterated weakness-signs, extending to the muscle zone, indicate general circulatory and muscle weakness. The patient feels tired, sleepy and inefficient (hypotonia).

Small dark point-like signs in the blood zone constitute a danger signal. They indicate that the state of the blood is not good. The protective function is lacking in that the leucocytes are no longer being adequately provided. In such a case, the patient should be warned before every proposed operation. Iris illustration 10 shows these dark spots distributed over the whole iris, as well as in the blood and muscle zones. The lymph glands are no longer able to function.

If the blood zone in the upper half of the iris is much lighter, while the lower half is dark, it indicates congestion of the head and ischaemia of the intestines. Reverse these signs in the iris, and there is ischaemia of the brain and hyperaemia of the abdomen.

In this chapter the condition of arteriosclerosis should be discussed, since in our civilised countries hardly anyone will escape its influence. It appears in all individuals sooner or

Jater—more or less pronounced, and shows itself by affecting those organs which the mode of life has most strongly stressed. In the iris it is shown by whitish-grey to whitish-yellow deposits, mainly in the skin zone. Often this becomes an arcus senilis, a characteristic arc around the entire iris obscuring the iris structure. The arcus senilis enables one to assess the biological age of the patient concerned.

In the alcoholic, the arteriosclerosis ring is particularly strongly indicated in the areas for liver and spleen. With mental workers, it is marked in the brain sector. Where there is C-N-S sclerosis we find a sharp white neurasthenic ring clearly indicated. Coronary sclerosis has been described above under heart signs.


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When your body is poisoned, overloaded with excess food and toxins, your mind at all levels (from the sub-conscious to the super-conscious) is forced to assist emergencies arising in yarious organs of your body. This is an extremely low level of activity of the mind (a fight for survival), perhaps the lowest possible.

To understand better what I am talking about, I give you an example.

Consider that your house is on fire. Without any hesitation, you will direct all your undivided attention and efforts to this emergency. You will try to extinguish the fire, save as many items of value from the house, save yourself, your family and other people in danger. Your mind will be totally engaged in the emergency operation.

It is quite easy to imagine, that it will be impossible for you under such circumstances to direct your mind into a more subtle mode or to creative activity like writing a book, solving complex problem or programming your computer for example, when your house is on fire and you and your family are in danger. Imagine your boss phoning you in the middle of the fire with some ideas for you to work on. You will simply cut all conversation and attend the emergency immediately.

Now let us go back to your body. If it is not pure enough, your mind is busy attending “fires” in various organs. You feel dull and become tired quickly. You have difficulties concentrating. If your body is in the “healing crisis” (simply speaking you feel sick), the least you feel like doing is thinking. You simply cannot think ! Any request for thinking hard is like a telephone from your boss during the fire : your higher mind cuts all communications.

Similar effects can be observed after large meals, when you overload your body with food. According to medical science food should give you energy. But instead, you feel tired and sometimes even sick. Your mind is slow and tired too. Any request for thinking hard, returns as feeling of being sleepy and ready to rest.

In the other extreme, people aiming at the highest possible activity and development of the mind (to the point of complete enlightenment and unification with the entire universe) have to have very pure physical bodies. Masters of yoga in the Himalayas hardly eat anything at all.


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Naturopathy is a term which is applied to the treatment of disease by a range of natural therapies as opposed to surgery, pharmaceuticals, X-rays, chemotherapy etc. A qualified naturopath is versed in therapies such as nutrition, fasting, herbalism, therapeutic massage, iridology and manipulation. The underlying philosophy of naturopathy is that the body is capable of curing itself. One of the basic principles of Hippocrates, the well-known Greek physician known as the ‘Father of Medicine’, was ‘first do no harm’. Naturopathy is built upon this principle, whereby therapy is as non-intrusive as possible. The different therapies are intended to stimulate the healing resources of the body.

Naturopaths believe that the breakdown of the normal balance of the body is the cause of illness. While outside factors such as viruses or bacteria may affect health, it is the lack of resistance in the patient which is the primary problem requiring treatment.

Methods of diagnosis include iridology, analysis of blood and urine, hair diagnosis, and others. The naturopath will also want to know about the diet, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle and bowel activity of the patient. The diagnosis of any problem is more concerned with the reason for disturbances in health than in naming the illness. Like other wholistic practitioners, the naturopath concentrates on the individual patient, rather than on diagnosing a condition which has an associated set of symptoms.

Treatment recommended by a naturopath may include changes to the diet. For example, a patient may be advised not to consume drinks containing caffeine, such as tea and coffee, or to give up alcohol or smoking. Someone who is diagnosed as having an allergy may be told to avoid certain foods such as wheat or dairy products. Sometimes a short fast on water or juice, or a limited range of foods may be prescribed in order to cleanse the system.

Some naturopaths practise therapeutic massage, acupuncture and herbalism.

Many naturopaths in Australia are registered with national organisations such as the Australian Natural Therapists Association, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and the Complementary Medicine Association. When consulting one of these registered therapists, you may be entitled to rebates if you are covered by a participating health fund.


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In the healing process, your attention was not bothered with any boring details of the healing process. It seems, that the healing method, together with the detailed regeneration and repair schedule for every cell has already been known. Your attention was not engaged in any minute details, because all these details have been solved long ago during your evolution, have been stored somewhere between the DNA and your subconscious mind, and are simply not worth paying attention to.

In a similar way, your attention is not engaged in any of the normal functions of your body like digestion, metabolism, blood circulation, temperature control or growing nails.

It seems, that the body self healing described above is also a normal function, deserving no more of your attention than blood circulation, metabolism or growing hair.

It is easy to point out, that the body self-healing described above is not limited to cuts and bruises. On the contrary – it covers every possible organ and every possible function of our body.

Simple logic also suggests, that such healing occurs all the time, and every organ is actually continuously being repaired “on the go” – as required.

When the body performs such self repair without turning our attention to it, we feel healthy and comfortable. Everybody, including medical practitioners recognise such a situation as a state of good health. We feel happy and content, and we never think of seeking any medical advice. We also feel that whatever we do to our body in such a state is right.

A natural question arises: are there any limits to such healing?

Let us come back again to our example of a simple cut.

Again, simple logic supported by practical experience suggests, that the more damage is made to the body – the more difficult will be the corresponding repair job. When the damage is excessive, for example a limb is totally crushed or detached from the body, the healing process becomes extremely difficult.

The above description is a quite simplified explanation of the body self-healing process, which nevertheless offers a sufficient and quite convincing explanation for many of us.


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The colour of the iris determines the appearance of the eyes. We distinguish in general three natural basic colours: blue, grey, and brown.

Each of these colours has a physiological basis, and is conditional upon the degree of pigmentation of the iris.

The iris appears blue when its surface layers are colourless, and the deepest dark layer of the iris (retinal epithelial pigment) shows through. If the middle vascular layer of the iris—the

stroma—is coarse and compact, then the iris appears grey. However, the more dark coloured material is deposited in this stroma, the more the iris is darkened in its colouring, and the appearance tends towards brown. There are occasionally seen in a less pigmented iris, local accumulations of brown-to-black coloured substance which strikingly appear as dark-reddish flecks in the otherwise grey or blue iris. These are referred to scientifically as naevi irides

(iris-birthmark). We call them ‘toxin-flecks’.

In the case of albinos, the iris layers are completely transparent. There is a lack of all pigment. These eyes appear reddish, because of the visibility of the blood vessels in the deep layer of the iris—the retina.

In the new-born, the iris is at first dark-violet to blue-grey. Only in the course of development does there appear a lightening or darkening through alteration in the pigment content. With advancing age the stroma becomes more compact and coarser and thereby acquires a grey appearance.

The change of blue to brown iris is sometimes limited to an individual iris or even to a part, so that in the same person, one iris can be blue with the other brown, and also a smaller or larger brown sector may be seen in the blue iris. This is referred to as Heterochromia. Discolourations of the iris following organic diseases are of especial

significance in Iriscopy.

The structure of the iris is best viewed when the pupil is contracted, using a strong beam of light, either with natural vision, or better still with a loupe of 3 or 4 magnifications.

The iris is rich in changes, and is especially characterised by elevations and depressions of the anterior surface. This is referred to as the iris-relief.


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