Since the average practitioner of orthodox medicine does not have a clear understanding of the basic causative principles involved in arthritis, his treatments and remedies are understandably symptomatic—that is, he is not treating the disease but the isolated symptoms of the disease. He treats an affected joint with injections, x-rays, and drugs as if it was a question of an isolated disease of the joint. He administers pain-killing drugs which will relieve pain temporarily. But, in the long run, due to their many undesirable side effects, these drugs only cause more damage and ultimately aggravate the condition instead of improving it.

As was evident from the previous chapter, arthritis is a systemic disease which affects the whole body. Therefore, the only measures that can be successful in correcting the disease, bringing it under control, and accomplishing a lasting cure, must be ones directed at correcting its underlying causes. This can only be accomplished by treatments which help to overcome the systemic disturbances, normalize the metabolic processes, and help restore all normal functions of the vital organs and glands. That the conventional remedies fail to accomplish this is evident

While drugs and injections may relieve pain and modify symptoms, they do not go to the bottom of the problem, they do not eliminate the underlying causes, nor do they correct the systemic disturbances. What is even worse, these conventional remedies, being suppressive in nature and having undesirable toxic side effects, interfere with the normal bodily processes and actually inhibit restorative and healing efforts of the body. Eventually they cause more damage than good and lead to a complete invalidism.

It must be emphatically stated that drugs do not possess curative powers. The cure is always brought about by the body itself, and the most that a wise doctor can ever do is assist the body’s own healing forces. The drugs used in conventional treatment of arthritis—aspirin, cortisone, gold injections, etc.— only suppress and mask the symptoms of the disease. They do not promote the healing processes, nor do they provide any lasting benefits.


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