Gold therapy has been greatly popularized and acclaimed as one of the most effective remedies for arthritis. Exactly how

the injected gold salts work in the body is not known. Nor is it known how the body reacts to them. Since gold therapy produces some relief of the symptoms it is believed that it acts as a stimulant on the vital processes of the body.

Gold injections, however, are known to be highly toxic and may produce many diseases and complications. Liver and kidneys can be seriously damaged, which may even cause death. Various skin diseases are a common result of gold injections. Stomach disorders, deafness, anemia, hemorrhages under the skin, neuritis, headache, eye impairments, ulcerations of the mouth and gums1B—these are just a few of the most serious diseases caused by gold therapy. In fact the toxic nature of gold salts and the dangers of gold treatments are so well recognized by physicians that it is usually recommended only in cases where other forms of treatment have completely failed.

As in the case of aspirin and cortisone, gold injections do not go to the bottom of the problem; they do not eliminate or alleviate the basic causative factors of the disease. Considering the grave risks involved in its use, gold therapy should have been abandoned long ago as a remedy for arthritis.

New drugs are constantly developed by pharmaceutical companies searching for a miracle drug which will cure arthritis. Indomethacin is one drug which is considered by the National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases as the most promising at the present time. Other recently developed drugs are phenylbutazone and unpronounceable triethylene-thiophos-phoramide. All are potent pain-killers with equally potent side effects.

As I mentioned before, all these conventional treatments and remedies have failed to bring about a real, permanent betterment and cure for arthritis. The reason for this is obvious: Orthodox medicine, by its own admission, does not know the cause of arthritis. Since they don’t know what causes arthritis, it would then be logical to expect that they don’t know what to do or how to go about finding a cure.


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