Hades – The Greek Deity

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It seems that in our society it has come to be expected that women willget together and criticize their husbands and boyfriends and men willget together and put down their wives and girlfriends.Everyone has tohave a few sarcastic comments to fling at their partner, especiallywhen there is an audience around to laugh at their expense. We tend totear down the very person we claim to love. I think it has become socommon in our society that sometimes people don’t even realize they aredoing it.

The truth of life, and the relationships we are in often times are too big of a pill to swallow. The truth hurts and only complicates situations – so it should come as no surprise that people trick themselves into believing something that isn’t true.

In the last decade, online dating has reached a high level of popularity that is only surpassed by the internet itself.

The benefits of church attendance and growth are many. If our society can get children actively participating in church activites, everyone will benefit.

Throughout the ages, one of the hardest things about romantic relationships has always been resolving conflict. Those wise couples that work hard at their love affairs seem to develop rules to govern how they will behave when they fight. But in a face-to-face argument, you have the input from facial expressions, the sound and inflection of voice, and many other clues to let you know what he or she is really saying.

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