Where are America’s New Leaders

Wendy and I reviewed this affairs site recently and were particularly impressed with their attitude towards offering free help and advice

Failure of any government in the World is a scary situation, but it can be much more scary for those who live in the country, as there is always a possibility it could lead to a Dictator or Military Coup taking over and really throwing a wrench into things. It upsets commerce, International Bankers, foreign investment and trade.

Locate fall wedding colors, understanding the importance of them. Consider the type of wedding you are planning, matching the colors to the bride and grooms favorite colors and matching them to the wedding accessories.

Well it looks as if the proverbial brown stuff has hit the fan this time? It seems we have a congressman who seems to think it’s OK to e-mail adolescent boys who are pages and discuss such things as homosexual acts with them?

I recently read a study that indicated that 91% of all people in relationships were not happy. Now I can’t tell you if this percentage is true, if it is an accurate portrayal of the average relationship or an exaggeration to get people’s attention. I don’t know the details or particulars of the study as they were not given in very much depth. But the fact remains, that if 91% of the people surveyed felt this way, can we assume that many other people in general who were not surveyed are not happy as well? I don’t like to make assumptions but this number is really scary.

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The author understands the subject well and consequently this is an enjoyable and informative article about affairs


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