Vegetarian cuisine

Discussing benefits of pure vegetarian (vegan) cuisine as well as recipes is yet again a quite substantial topic and exceeds the scope of this book. For information about the vegetarian cuisine please read books by Ch. Lehman or M.Diamond listed in the References.


Using microwave radiation to cook or heat food changes the molecular structure of food. There is a consistent scientific evidence, that such food is harder to metabolise. We should avoid microwave cooking if possible.

How much to eat ?

This is also a very important question. The answer is quite simple . as little as possible to feel active and comfortable. Note, that eating too much is equivalent to overloading your body with additional duties, related to the processing and disposal of extra waste. Your mind is engaged too, reducing your intellectual and spiritual abilities.

During fasting, you will learn, that the feeling of hunger, as well as the tendency to overeat are typical reactions of a toxic body. If the body is pure and you try not to poison it excessively, your body will always tell you when you have had enough food. Just pay careful attention to what your body is telling you. That’s all.

It is easier to receive and understand such messages, when you eat slowly and chew your food well.

When should we eat ?

In the mountains of Georgia, where people live well beyond 100 years and even make babies at 100, they have a saying:

“Eat breakfast yourself share lunch with your friend, and give dinner to your enemy”.

I cannot help admiring the beauty and wisdom of this ancient proverb. What it says is that we should take food before the activities of the day, and to not take any food before going to bed for the whole night. Doing so, we feel energetic during the day, and we greatly assist our mind-body system in the night’s rest, freeing the resources necessary for everyday healing, repairs, maintenance, as well as for spiritual development.

Note, that most people do exactly the opposite: dinner is their main meal. They all wonder why their health is deteriorating quickly with age.


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