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This article has raised issues about tv that I have never considered before.

Two weeks to Election Day 2006 and like the rising tide that lifts all boats, the rising mounds of excrement in political ads make me want to throw up. Sadly, what should be an exciting and productive time in our history has degenerated into the lowest common denominator for the American people. We are a generous, learned and sacrificing people who deserve better than politicians desperately trying to hang on to their corruptive power.

When you owe the IRS for back taxes, you probably owe a large sum. Most people who fall behind in their taxes, owe for more than just one year. When you owe back taxes, you know that the penalties and interest will end up costing you more than the original debt - usually MUCH MORE! These fees keep growing and compounding upon themselves only to get you deeper and deeper in debt! I’m sure that if you are reading this article that you are both in debt and you owe the IRS for past due taxes. I’m also sure that you know that this IRS Debt can not be discharged through bankruptcy. Luckily, there is still the option of Income Tax Debt Settlement!

Relationship is an art. It is a form of meditation. Why does one fall in love with another? Why are some connected with others? There could be dozens of reasons: conscious and unconscious. But regardless of intent, respect for each other begins when you understand what part of your partner cannot be changed - what is their natural way of life and how this differs from yours. This is such a vital ingredient to your life.

All the points made here regarding tv are perfectly valid and I fully agree with them

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