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A great relationship requires intimate moments. And those moments need your full attention and compassion. If something else is engrossing your mind, then your spouse will not get the attention they deserve. Your spouse deserves to be treated with kindness and forgiveness everyday, not just when you feel like it.

Marquees are becomeing more frequently used for weddings and huge events because they are cheaper and provide the same if not better environment.

Anyone who is familiar with Einstein’s theory of relativity knows about the combined speeds factor. National behavior and foreign responses are on a collision course. What does that mean?

Can anyone in this country be trusted anymore? Trust is an issue all of us can relate to.and, in the year 2006, WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Can you trust your baby-sitter? Can you trust your neighbors? Can you trust your doctor? Can you trust your mechanic? Can you trust your preacher? Can you trust members of your family? Can you trust your Congress person? Is this were this nation is going? Miss-trust of everyone?

The Biblical Book of Genesis is not fact but rather a series of profound and interlinked meditations on the human condition.

Want to succeed in online dating? Your dating profile (or personal profile) may well be the difference between success and failure.

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